Info border crossing Villa O'Higgins - El Chalten

For all informations we give no garanty (times and prices).
November 2011.

We needed for the road from Coyhaique to Villa O'Higgins 8.5 days without a break. We took the road along the lake Carrera General via Chile Chico and Mallin Grande but didn't go to Caleta Tortel.
Ferry Puerto Ibañez - Chile Chico:
Once a day or more in high saison, 3 hours. Info by Mar del Sur in Coyhaique or in Chile Chico.
Road Chile Chico - Puerto Guadal:
Beautyfull Panorama but the road is hard with a lot of wind between Chile Chico and Mallin Grande, and steep up and down.
Ferry Puerto Yungay - Rio Bravo:
Daily, free, 30 Min.
Times on the picture

You can camp on the beach near the ferry in Puerto Ibañez. There are toilets and a small coffee shop open in the morning (you can buy coffee and cookies).
Road Rio Bravo - Villa O'Higgins:
100km with some big up and down the first 45 km. There is a refugio for cyclists after more or less 70 km but we didn't stop there. See elevation profile from

Villa O'Higgins:
Ferry booking by Hielo Sur, they have an office in Villa O Higgins
Times and prices HERE
You can write e-mail but they never answer.

We heard that others cyclists went with a boat transporting cows or material for estancias. It's a lot cheaper but you need time and luck to find one.

El Mosco is a nice hostal with kitchen, WiFi, Computer, Laundry. They have dormbeds, privat rooms mor you can also camp in the garden.
Way from Villa O Higgins to the ferry:
7 km more or less flat (30-40 minutes biking).
Way from Candelario Mancilla to the Laguna del Desierto:
It is possible to do this way on the same day (saturday) if you go straigh after the arrival with the ferry but it's not sure that you will be able to catch the boat at 6 p.m. at the Laguna del Desierto. It depends on your equipment (with 5 bags, it's difficult). But you can good camp at the north of the Laguna. We arrived at 7 p.m. Elevation profile from

Boat on the Laguna del Desierto:
Normally, the boat come twice a day (2 pm and 6 pm) between Wednesday and Sunday. But to be sure that there is really one on sunday, ask the guys of the border to call for you.
From south of the Laguna del Desierto to El Chalten:
37 km flat but gravel road.

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